Black and Bronzebeard | World of Warcraft

Strong, confident, but with deep care for his people, Magni Bronzebeard is everything a dwarf could aspire to be—and we’ve designed a drink that takes all of the best parts of his Dwarven character and melds them into one deep, dark, chocolatey, stout cocktail.


You’ll need:

  • 1 oz scotch whisky
  • 1/2 white creme de cacao
  • 1/4 oz Chambord
  • Guinness (or porter or another stout) to top up


  • Combine the first three ingredients in a tankard. Do not chill.
  • Slowly add the Guinness to 3/4 of the way up and allow to settle.
  • Top up with more Guinness.
  • Serve!

World of Warcraft has many iconic foods, but there’s only one drink that any true son or daughter of Ironforge would reach for: a wineskin of Dwarven Stout. I imagined this drink as being both potent but also highly drinkable, considering the dwarven propensity for copious alcohol consumption—and when you’re naming a drink for a Dwarven king like Magni, you can’t just leave it at just a simple stout.

As such, I added creme de cacao to enhance the already-existing flavours of Guinness: chocolate, roasted coffee beans, and cream. The Chambord introduces a little French flair, introducing a very slight fruity flavour and smoothing out the bitterness of the base drink. Finally, the scotch whisky pays tribute to the Scottish inspirations of the Dwarven style of speech, and also happens to increase the potency and rounds out the drink with touches of oak as well.

In the end, you get a drink that has all the full-bodied mouthfeel of a good pint of Guinness, along with an enhanced chocolate and fruit sweetness that keeps you pouring again and again and again.

Want more bronze and/or beard? Try one of our variations below!


Dwarven Ember

  • Replace whisky with cinnamon whisky

Blackiron and Bronzebeard

  • Replace Chambord with Kahlua

Ironforge Gateau

  • Replace Chambord with cherry brandy

For more World of Warcraft cocktails, try one of our other faction-related beverages below!

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